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9 Bathroom Ceiling Material That Very Popular Right Now

best bathroom false ceiling material

The National Kitchen and Bath Association has actually established standards for restroom ceiling height, which must be at least 80 inches. But at that height– or even approximately 85 inches– a ceiling is susceptible to obtaining sprinkled on in a shower location as well as asks for an extremely water-resistant material like tile. Other areas of the shower room don’t need any type of special materials on the ceiling, yet an excellent mold-resistant paint never ever injures.

Best bathroom ceiling material


If you’re tiling any ceiling in your bathroom, start with cementboard or one more type of ceramic tile backer ranked for wet areas. Do not utilize conventional or perhaps water-resistant drywall behind ceramic tile in wet locations. Tile is very waterproof, however it’s not water-proof. Water vapor can travel through ceramic tile grout, and any type of fractures in cement or ceramic tiles or breaches in a caulk joint enable water to reach the tile backer, or substratum. Cementboard and other appropriate backer materials do not damage down with wetness, whereas drywall looks to mush when it splashes. However, cementboard is not unsusceptible water– wetness can travel through it– so it is essential to safeguard the framing behind the board with a wetness obstacle, such as plastic sheet.

Drywall and Greenboard

Conventional drywall is frequently used for ceilings in non-shower/tub locations of bathrooms, although some builders choose to use moisture-resistant drywall– a.k.a. greenboard– rather. Moisture-resistant drywall is similar to conventional drywall however has face paper that’s treated for added resistance to mold and mildew and wetness. Some producers additionally treat the plaster core of the material. If you would certainly feel far better using moisture-resistant drywall on your ceiling, that alone may be worth the extra expenditure; it costs more than typical drywall, however setup and also completing coincide.

Choosing Paint

Beyond the shower/tub area, the biggest issue for washroom ceilings is water vapor, which increases to the ceiling and can condense right into water beads that rest on the surface area. You can manage water vapor with correct ventilation, yet the ceiling will still obtain damp. The very best security for a drywalled ceiling is a great paint work.

Ceilings in your home’s home are most likely painted with level paint, which cuts down on glow as well as conceals blemishes in the surface area. Yet flat paint does not have moisture-resistance and also is challenging to tidy. In a restroom, semi-gloss or satin paint is a better option. Semi-gloss is the shinier of the two as well as offers a little bit more moisture-resistance, however it likewise features even more glow as well as can show imperfections (drywall seams, bumps, etc.) more readily than satin. Whichever sheen you select, it’s an excellent suggestion to use paint with mildewcide to stand up to mold growth.

Moldings for Dampness

While solid-wood molding can work in non-shower/tub areas of a restroom, alternative products provide the very best moisture-resistance for any kind of location. Plastic or PVC moldings look similar to normal timber molding and can be cut, set up and repainted making use of the same techniques. Do not use medium-density fiberboard (MDF) molding or similar composite products in restrooms. When painted they’re usually ok, however if a nail hole or open joint exposes the core of the product, wetness will rapidly advertise swelling and also degeneration.

Never use asbestos for your bathroom ceiling, because it actually very dangerous. If you got problem with asbestos, don’t hesitate to call professional to test and remove it. And here some alternatives for false bathroom ceiling material that we got from Quora’s user based on his experience. Join the discussion here.


Polymer is the most recognized thing amongst residential property owners, it is fiber product composed of tar.

Polymer roofing is for the most part preferred for toilet by people today. Since substantial selection of shading tones and frameworks are accessible.

Acrylic sheets are accessible in different dimensions and thickness, as 8′ x4′, 10′ x4′ and so forth. For toilets 4mm, 6mm or 8mm thickness is made use of, or, in other words 1″ inch L formed aluminum strips.

Polymer sheets are accessible in uncomplicated and also solid tones of countless selections. Simple sheets are essentially used in washroom roofing system; over you can present T5 LED light or board light.

Polymer sheets are light in weight as well as can be expelled at whatever point you called for assistance help lights or springtime.

Jazzing up frameworks are likewise easily accessible in market, nonetheless these are made with standard dimensions. Or, simply put.

You can utilize them as highlighter with lights behind them for an extraordinary look in your restroom.


Gypsum is a readymade sheet composed of POP (Plaster Of Paris). It is available in various dimensions nonetheless the conventional dimension which would be easily available in Indian market is 8′ x 4′. Gypsum incorrect roof is likewise a less costly solution for restroom. You can use this plaster roofing where your bathroom gets heated in summertime season.

Gypsum roofing system is utilized in various spaces likewise with the help of light weight aluminum surrounding and you can introduce LED Panel Lighting, circuitous lights in addition for luxurious appearances.

ACP (Aluminum composite panel).

Light weight aluminum Composite Panels includes a polycarbonate polyethylene center. The polyethylene facility is strengthened between both light weight aluminum sheets giving an exceptionally light-weight, degree, smooth and also strong unbending sheet.

ACP is primarily is utilized for business factor like structure rises, shop indication tons up, accommodations and shopping centers and so on. It is generally easily accessible in fundamental, metallic, as well as marble surface. It’s similarly light weighted material obtainable in numerous dimensions; standard dimension is 8 × 4 feet.

It is fitted same as acrylic sheet with light weight aluminum 1 inch strip. It is solid material so you require to slice the part to fit board light. ACP looks strong in roof covering.

It serves if there is sogginess problem in bathroom.


On the off chance that you are wishing to provide provincial or rich want to your washroom, wooden false roofing is the options. Wooden roof covering is very little exorbitant comparison with other roof, given that one-of-a-kind wood boards are made use of. It looks better in substantial and also open bathrooms. Covered lights offers a suitable stylish to washroom.

It looks great in open washroom as well as estates, homes, accommodations and so forth.


Glass incorrect roof covering is another alternative, on the off possibility that you require to provide completely water contact to your bathroom Or if your washroom has no home window or low light, you can pick this unattainable rank, where you can print skies or some greenery print on glass and also present on roof covering which provides feeling of light.

Ventilation Is The Trick.

Air flow delights to the durability for any kind of restroom ceiling product. If your restroom does not have ventilation, include a good-quality vent follower rated for the size of the entire shower room. Run the follower throughout as well as after each shower or bath till the air returns to a typical moisture level.


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